Fyusion’s vision is to combine the power of computer vision and machine learning to make images as intelligent as they are beautiful. Our technology gives deep super powers to images, making 3D photography more valuable than 2D imaging, and our goal is to make it similarly pervasive.

We are a computer vision company co-founded by a team of leading experts in computer vision, machine learning and robotics. Our core technology, covered by over 70 patents, allows anyone to create immersive, interactive 3D images called ‘fyuses’ by moving any camera around a person, object or scene.

Fyuses are viewable on any platform: web, mobile, VR, AR and Mixed Reality. For a similar file size to a high quality JPEG, users can interact with 3D images in up to 360 degree surround view by tilting or swiping their screen.

We’re doing what humans do best - seeing, understanding and interacting with our three-dimensional world in a way that’s simple and intuitive for anyone, anywhere. All underpinned by the best of breed implementation of AI and computer vision, with robotics-level accuracy. Our ultimate goal is Live Visual Understanding of any person, place or scene globally.

Based in San Francisco, Fyusion’s core visual technology is empowering the growth of the most innovative, visual-centric businesses worldwide.

Our Investors

We have raised funding with both institutional and strategic investors. Some of our core investment partners are:

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