Delight and engage your customers.

Full Workflow in Your Pocket

Shoot, Edit, and Publish from Smartphones

Whether on the go or in a studio, ECom3D turns nearly any smartphone into an end-to-end solution.

line diagram showing a phone capturing an image, then a phone with the photo being adjusted by a finger tapping, then the same phone with the capture and a checkmark

Dual Capture Modes

Turntable Capture

From small subjects in lightboxes to larger subjects in full-sized studios, turntable mode provides precise controls to help you achieve uniform backgrounds and make your merchandise pop.

Freehand Capture

Have a more stylized environment? Freehand mode allows you to walk around your subject to generate beautiful, stabilized lifestyle captures.

Images Built for Your Site

Any Resolution

ECom3D lets you capture and upload at the maximum supported resolution of your devices. We’ll optimize your published content to keep your page load time down, only switching to higher resolution frames when users interact with your product.


a zoomed-in photo of part of a shoe, very sharp image without grain or blur


a zoomed-in photo of part of a shoe, showing grain and blur

Any Aspect Ratio

ECom3D captures in 16:9, 4:3, or 1:1 aspect ratios, allowing seamless integration alongside your current product images.

diagram of concentric rectangles of aspect ratios for 1:1, 4:3, and 16:9

Rich Tagging

Highlight Product Features

Tags are a great way to highlight details, show alternate versions of your product, or link to another page from your product.

Fyuse Tag

Loads an alternate .fyuse in the viewer when clicked. Helps you show different variations of your products, or feature closeup details.

Shoe Laces
Change Color

Photo Tag

Loads a 2D photo in the viewer when clicked. Good for featuring closeup details of your products.

Sole Detail


Opens a URL when clicked, to engage shoppers by linking to similar products.

Professional-grade Speed

Quick, Easy Uploads

Go from capture to live product image in around a minute.

Light Weight

.fyuses present the world in stunning 3D, and loads at the same speed as traditional 2D images thanks to patented technology that minimizes file size.

.JPEG 54kb
.PNG 401kb

Robust Customization & Cross-platform Support

A Flexible SDK

ECom3D is available with an SDK to customize your Fyusion solution to fit your business’ unique needs. Create the experience that is perfect for your customers.

Cross-platform Support

Fyusion works across platforms through every step of the process. Whether you’re working with our app or via an SDK, you can access Fyusion on Android or iOS, and leverage our viewer across most common web platforms.


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