We already have partners with hundreds of millions of devices, and we’ve spent years building a scalable infrastructure globally. We’ve also heavily optimized our SDK for mobile usage, so we operate within just a few % of CPU/GPU usage compared with a 2D image display.

Just as important as the performance of our core technology is the ability to make it easy to use and simple to integrate with your business.


As such we offer Developer-free Integration that allows you to move fast with no technical lift from your team:


Enabling Custom Capture Modes within either our Android or iOS Fyuse app.


Every fyuse can be embedded in mobile or desktop web, just like embedding a YouTube video.

Capture SDK

Given 3D fyuses can be captured by any camera, they can be captured anywhere too. We offer capture SDKs for both Android and iOS.

Capture SDK
Super powers


Capture fyuse images in ultra high definition

DSLR Capture

Capture 3D fyuse images with a DSLR camera

Drone Capture

Capture 3D fyuse images with a drone camera


Capture a fyuse and automatically output both the interactive 3D image and static JPEG images

Style Transfer

Apply art filters to fyuse images

OEM Embed

Enable Fyuse as a camera mode alongside video and panoramas


Apply visual special effects to any fyuse

More Coming Soon!
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Viewer SDK

The integration of our SDK is very simple, with only a few lines of code for your Android or iOS application. All fyuses have embed codes for integration in desktop and mobile websites.

Viewer SDK
Super powers

Visual Effects

Allowing visual effects to be applied automatically to fyuse images, for example DSLR-like Bokeh effect for fashion images, motion blur for car 360s, or 3D text.

Rich Tagging

Embed interactive tags within fyuses - with 3 different options: Zoom Tags allow for micro detailing of product features; Pop Tags allow for links to other fyuse images; Link Tags allow for linking to any URL.

Visual Discovery

Robotics-level visual search of a product within any fyuse - find identical or similar products dependent on your need and image databases. Backwards compatible with 2D images.

Integration with AR, VR & Mixed Reality platforms

View a fyuse captured by any camera in any AR, VR or Mixed Reality hardware.

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