Our core technology allows for simple 3D capture with any camera, creating interactive images that are viewable on any device.  Capture resolution is up to 4K from iOS and Android phones.

Fyuses are 3D images with deep functionality enabled by our computer vision and machine-learning expertise. Even with the simplest integration, fyuses put static images to shame. For the same size image as a high quality JPEG, our visual format allows for up to 360° fully user-controlled 3D images that can be simply added to any web or app build.

Some example integrations and use cases are as follows:

3D 360° car imaging with super powers

Our custom Car Capture App or SDK allows anyone to easily capture a beautifully-smooth 360° car fyuse at up to 4K with either an iOS or Android smartphone. No professional photographer or equipment is required.

There are a range of super powers enabled by the 3D capture: You can automatically change the background image for the full 360° capture, instantly export JPEG Snapshots from the known angles that drive the best sales, plus manually or automatically add rich data tags that provide for a more immersive way of viewing and inspecting the vehicle.


The final 360° image is simply embedded on any website or within any iOS or Android app - we host and serve the optimized image to your end user.


Tagging displays key vehicle data - and links to fyuses, images, video or external URLs.

Background Image Effects

Apply a range of background images effects instantly - or create a custom background.

Embed & Share Anywhere

Embedding fyuses is as simple as adding a YouTube video to your site.

Beautifully simple 3D 360° eCommerce imaging

Our bespoke Shopper App or SDK are optimized for eCommerce product imaging - letting anyone with an iOS or Android device become a top flight product photographer in up to 4K resolution. Fine tuned and optimized for full-length portrait capture and display.


Turntable Mode

Turntable Mode allows for full 360° capture, processing and export in less than 1 minute, with high quality JPEG Snapshots instantly exported too.

Tabletop Mode

Tabletop Mode allows for even simpler eCommerce product imaging without the need for a lightbox and turntable.

VR, AR & MR-ready imaging

Fyusion is the only company in the world that allows any camera to capture real-world people, places or objects and be able to place them in any reality - VR, AR or Mixed Reality.

All fyuses captured now are ready for use in any reality, creating the largest AR and VR image database of real world assets.

Our 3D computer vision and machine learning expertise also enables mobile AR too - for example full body lens effects captured live in the camera, for both iOS and Android devices.

You can check a sample demonstration of our AR/VR capabilities here

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