Sell more vehicles with 360° 3D Fyuse imaging that's as intelligent as it is beautiful

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Show more, sell more

Show the whole vehicle, inside and out with our 360º Fyuse imaging, and build trust and confidence in the vehicles you're selling.

Capture quality, quickly

Accelerate your automotive capture capabilities with professional-level images taken by anyone, using only an iPhone or Android smartphone.

Uncover insights for optimization

Only our 360º Fyuse image format provides detailed metrics on user interest and active user engagement, allowing you to better optimize your listing imaging.

Core product features of our 360º 3D Fyuse imaging


High Resolution 360º 3D exterior and interior imaging from a smartphone

iOS and Android

From start to finish in two minutes, either from an enterprise Capture App that requires no technical lift from your team, through to a fully customizable Capture SDK that you can integrate into your own products.

Easy to capture exterior

No need for professional photographers, expensive equipment or retouching.

Three options for interior imaging

Use your phone to capture 3D multi-angle interior Fyuses or JPEGs, or use any 360 camera to capture interior spherical 360º imaging.

Quick upload

Multi-capture uploads to our cloud hosting, allowing your 360º Fyuse images to be ready to go in an instant.

Add tags and hotspots

AI smarts allow for tagging features, or manual tags for condition analysis or deeper vehicle information.

DSLR & Drone compatibility

Our 3D Fyuse capture technology can also work with DSLR and Drone capture.


Easy integration of our 360º Fyuse viewer to any webpage or app

Flexible viewer options

Flexible viewer options, including the Fyusion Universal Car Viewer where we host and serve the 360º Fyuse and all 2D content.

High resolution export

Export high resolution JPEGs automatically at any angles you want.

Super-powered 3D Automotive Imaging

With over 50 patents, our proprietary 3D Fyuse capture, Machine Learning & Skeleton Tracking technologies allow us to go far deeper than the beautiful visualization of vehicles:

Feature Detection

Fully automatic identification of car features for both 3D and 2D images.

Background Image 3D Effects

A range of 360º Fyuse background image effects, applied automatically to your captures.

Enhanced Fyuse

Original Fyuse

A selection of our partners

“Fyusion's 3D and 360º vehicle imaging technology has enabled us to leapfrog the competition with our Manheim Express product.”

Derek Hansen, VP Offsite Solutions, Manheim


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