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Fyusion is a visual intelligence company focused on the automotive space. Visual intelligence solutions leverage software, imaging technology, sensors and services to extract actionable insights from visual data. All of our products are powered by our AI-Based Lightfield Information Suite [ALIS].

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Our Story

The 1980s saw the emergence of business intelligence software: Programs that could turn mountains of data into actionable information. Analyses that used to take hours of human labor could suddenly be done in seconds. In the 2000s, there was a parallel development in the growth of visual intelligence—tools to assess the visual world and extract actionable information from it.

In 2014, Radu B. Rusu, Stefan J.J. Holzer, Stephen D. Miller, and Pantelis Kalogiros, who knew each other as computer vision and artificial intelligence researchers, decided that progress in VI was held back by a reliance on 2D data, such as photographs and videos. They felt the development of 3D file formats, along with software that, like the human eye, assessed the world in three dimensions, would have a transformative effect on visual understanding.

That year they founded Fyusion. Together, they developed and patented a new file format called a .fyuse, which allows people to capture stunning 3D images using common smartphones, followed by the patented AI-Based Lightfield Information Suite [ALIS], a scalable AI platform which analyzes 3D images in real time.


Fyusion technology was first introduced through consumer social media apps, attracting over 100 million users. Over time, the company shifted to enterprise applications, with a focus on automotive.

In 2020, Fyusion was acquired by one of its biggest clients, Cox Automotive. Based in San Francisco, Fyusion employs some of the world’s top researchers and developers in light field imaging and AI, who help customers view and analyze millions of 3D automotive images every year, and remain on the cutting edge of VI research and development.


Radu B. Rusu


Radu is the CEO and Cofounder of Fyusion, President of Open Perception, and a world-renowned expert in 3D data processing with over 10 years of experience in the field. Radu was named Top 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs in 2016 by Goldman Sachs, has been awarded the IEEE RAS Early Career Award in 2013 for his contributions to the field of 3D Computer Vision, and has won the Open Source Software (OSS) World Challenge in 2011 with PCL.

Stefan Holzer


Stefan is the CTO and Cofounder of Fyusion, and a worldwide renowned scientist in the field of Computer Vision. Before Fyusion, Stefan was affiliated with the Computer Vision group at the Institute for Computer Aided Medical Procedures (CAMP), a PhD student at Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM), and a maintainer with the Point Cloud Library (PCL) project.

Stephen Miller


Stephen is the Chief Product Officer and Cofounder at Fyusion, overseeing product and engineering efforts. Before Fyusion, Stephen was a PhD student and Hertz Foundation Google Fellow in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Stanford University, working with Dr. Sebastian Thrun while co-maintaining the Point Cloud Library (PCL).

Pantelis Kalogiros


Pantelis is the SVP of Web and Cofounder at Fyusion, and is responsible for Fyusion’s cloud and web services.

Keith Martin

VP Business Development

Keith is the VP of Business Development for Fyusion. Keith has led, founded and grown businesses across the US and UK. In 2012, he founded the US arm of Architect — a digital strategy, design & development firm — growing it from one person to a multi-million dollar business.

Yuki Jenkins

VP Finance

Yuki is the VP of Finance of Fyusion, she is responsible for all finance, accounting, HR and all other administrative functions of the company. Yuki has a background in auditing with a regional and big four accounting firm then working as a consultant to many startups in the San Francisco Bay Area prior to joining Fyusion.

Dave Morrison

VP Product

Dave Morrison is the VP of Product for Fyusion, where he oversees the development of products, platforms and operational teams. He joined Fyusion in 2016 as the company’s first product hire and has served as an integral member of the organization ever since. Prior to joining Fyusion, Dave held product management roles with successful B2B and B2C startups including Bleacher Report. 


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