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See Fyusion in Action 

Cox Automotive, a pioneer in the automotive industry, provides AI solutions powered by Fyusion. These cutting-edge tools enhance efficiency in buying and selling vehicles, offering immersive experiences and data-driven insights. Explore the future of automotive transactions with Cox Automotive’s transformative AI solutions available today.

  • Manheim Express

    Manheim Express

    Manheim Express brings confidence to wholesale with Condition Reports, 360 degree vehicle imaging, and access to the largest pool of buyers in the market.

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  • Fixed Imaging Tunnels

    Fixed Imaging Tunnels

    Manheim’s Fixed Imaging Tunnels, powered by Fyusion, boast nearly 50 machine vision cameras and 96 light panels to capture virtually every vehicle exterior from multiple angles. As vehicles drive through without stopping, the tunnels capture 2500 high-resolution images in seconds. This vast data powers the patented machine learning analysis engine, which (among other things) automatically…

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  • Next Inspect

    Next Inspect

    Next Inspect, powered by Fyusion’s guided vehicle image capture featuring 360-degree multi-angle view imaging offers a complete solution for inspecting the condition of a vehicle anytime, anywhere by anyone. The solution is perfect for consumers, dealers and fleet operators alike, allowing them to gather the information they require to make informed decisions.

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