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Use Cases

See How Fyusion Can Help You.

Fyusion technology can be used across the automotive industry. We can help with everything from comprehensive condition reporting to creating beautiful and interactive 3D imaging.

Additional Uses Cases

Dealer Merchandising – New and Pre-Owned

Perfect for dealers and merchandising software providers, Fyusion’s technology provides higher quality and more robust imaging along with comprehensive automatic tagging of vehicle features and damage. 

Bottom line – Fyusion helps dealers to better sell cars, both online and on the lot. 

  • Quality, interactive 360°imaging and a robust 2D image library
  • Make it easy to highlight features of interest to potential buyers
  • Automated damage detection with full condition report
  • Tag key components of the vehicle to make sure no detail is missed
  • Provide a superior vehicle buying experience to customers, building confidence and loyalty

Chain of Custody

Condition documentation is paramount as vehicles move – from the OEM to the dealer, from a customer’s driveway to a service provider, and more. Fyusion’s superior imaging and damage detection technology make documenting vehicle condition a breeze. 

Bottom line – Increased trust in the vehicle transportation process with Fyusion providing high quality and comprehensive condition reports, every step of the way. 

  • Provide pre and post transport inspection
  • Comprehensive damage detection so everyone knows what damage is present when it changes possession
  • Reduce logistical steps and returns due to defaults and defects
  • Minimize potential arbitration costs
  • Increase trust and transparency through proof of condition

Third Party and Private Sales

With image capture and condition reporting in the palm of your hand, Fyusion helps make the private selling process easy and transparent. 

Bottom line – Private buyers can feel confident in their purchase with high quality images and condition reporting, allowing private sellers to be successful in their sales. 

  • Easy to use app for capturing images and inspecting a vehicle
  • Better understanding of vehicle condition before the sale is completed
  • Increase chances of a vehicle selling at market price
  • Increased buyer confidence

Dealer Appraisals – Certified Pre-Owned and Trade-In

Appraisals can be nerve-wracking, with all parties wanting to be sure the process is equitable. 

From trade-in to certified pre-owned vehicles, Fyusion’s quality images and comprehensive condition reporting highlight every detail of the vehicle and provide the documentation needed to support any appraisal. 

Bottom line – Reduce the amount of time spent on appraisals while increasing valuation confidence and consumer acceptance – a win-win!

  • Remove subjectivity of condition capture
  • Gather more accurate information for valuation
  • Enhanced consumer experience with more trust in the process (and valuation)
  • Increased conversion of accepted trade-in values to purchase another new or pre-owned vehicle

Fleet – Servicing and Appraisals

Managing a fleet of corporate vehicles can be a heavy lift, especially when it comes to repair needs and the cost benefit of repairing versus de-fleeting. Fyusion can provide tools to aid decision making and free up resources for deployment elsewhere. 

Bottom line – Feel confident that vehicles in the fleet are in the best condition while also optimizing repair and replacement costs. 

  • Conduct condition reporting from anywhere using Fyusion’s mobile solutions
  • Condition reports and images can be accessed anywhere, reducing the need for trained individuals to be on location with a vehicle for inspection. 
  • Optimize repair decisions and end of life profitability


Remove anxiety of surprise fees for vehicle damage when turning in a rental with Fyusion’s technology. Customers can easily capture vehicle condition at pick-up and drop-off all from the palm of their hands, making sure the provider and the customer both have an accurate record of a vehicle’s condition. 

Bottom line – Build customer trust and loyalty with easy-to-use condition imaging while ensuring any damage is addressed and covered by the responsible party. 

  • Capture vehicle condition in just a few minutes with any smart device
  • Increase efficiency and reduced appraisal timing at during the pick-up and return process
  • Ensure proper accountability of vehicle damage

Service Lane

Fyusion technology enhances service lane inspections for the inspector and the customer. Customized workflow and image capture guidance means no detail is missed, and organized, comprehensive reporting makes it easy to understand inspection findings. 

Bottom line – Simplify service lane inspections and increase consumer understanding of findings with Fyusion’s imaging and condition reporting solutions. 

  • Create customized inspection workflow for service lane technicians
  • Data and findings can be logged in real time on a mobile device, improving inspection efficiency
  • Improved consistency in condition reporting no matter the provider skill level
  • Capture supporting images for inspection data points
  • Improve customer understanding of inspection findings
  • Increase likelihood of customer acceptance of necessary maintenance and repair work