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AI-Based Collision Reports

Enhancing the Collision Repair Process and Customer Experience

We are building technologies that help collision repair shops compete in the new digital era. 

Our platform includes an AI Powered Vehicle Inspection Tool that offers an enhanced exterior inspection experience utilizing our proprietary machine learning and computer vision vehicle image capture along with our damage analysis capabilities to better document vehicle body condition. 

Why an AI Powered Vehicle Inspection Tool? 

An Efficient, Accurate, and Customer-Focused Repair Process

In the world of collision repair, time is of the essence, and precision is non-negotiable. Drivers, service advisors, body shop owners, and managers are all in pursuit of the same outcome: an efficient, accurate, and customer-focused repair process. This is where the power of artificial intelligence comes in and takes the process to the next level on all fronts. 

Tailored to the Collision Repair Industry

Fyusion’s AI-Powered Vehicle Inspection Tool is transforming the traditional inspection into a streamlined, digital experience. At its core, the tool serves a multifaceted purpose: generating condition reports, aiding in total loss triage, and providing preliminary estimates. By implementing a touchless, mobile web-based image capture process, the tool facilitates a smooth workflow for consumers and professionals alike.

Streamline Inspection Processes

The inspection tool allows for early inspections including upstream before the vehicle is towed or brought into the shop which then optimizes scheduling and parts ordering and reduces overall cycle time drastically.

Integrated Into Your Existing Systems

The tool is more than a stand-alone product – it’s designed to integrate seamlessly into existing systems. More than a digital assistant, it leads users through image capture, damage analysis, and ultimately generates a web-based, machine-readable report that effortlessly becomes part of a larger ecosystem.

What does it all add up to? 


that aligns with the fast-paced demand of collision repair shops, reducing cycle times and costs, and freeing up time for what truly matters—quality repair work.

Customer satisfaction

that isn’t just maintained but elevated, creating a transparent and communicative repair journey that customers appreciate and trust.


that is significantly enhanced, with a tool that not only aids in job management and training but also reduces the labor-intensive aspects of inspections.