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Vehicle Imaging

What Is Vehicle Imaging?

Capture every angle and detail. Inform every purchase.

All of Fyusion’s output begins with simply imaging a vehicle. Imaging is the process of capturing all angles of a vehicle and can be done in one of three simple ways – walkaround, turntable, or drive-through.


Captures can be done anywhere or anytime as long as there is enough space and light. The vehicle stays static while the user walks around the vehicle, capturing it on any smart device.


Captures are done with the vehicle on a rotating turntable and a static camera positioned the appropriate distance away.


Captures are done using a dedicated unit with several light sources and cameras placed in strategic locations. The vehicle drives slowly through the unit while the cameras do the work.

How It Works

Imaging Made Simple.


A quick, guided, 360° capture workflow allows untrained users with common smart devices to create high-resolution, 3D vehicle imagery that we call a .fyuse. Just open the app, follow the step by step instructions and you’re done.


Fyusion AI analyzes the .fyuse capture, creating 3D images and extracting actionable information from visual data. Patented technology ensures smooth movements within the interactive 360° environment, is able to reduce or blur background, and can even apply tags of specific features on the vehicle.


Once processed, all .fyuses are displayed through our Fyusion viewer, which can be implemented with most content management systems, websites, and applications. All of this is done in less than a minute. 


More Than Just an Image.

In addition to the engaging imagery created with a vehicle capture, our .fyuse file format takes it to the next level with advanced features including…