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Revolutionize Your Dealership with Fyusion’s AI

Welcome to the front lines of automotive innovation

The synergy of technology and customer service is redefining the dealership experience

Fyusion’s AI inspection tool is not just an addition to the industry, it’s a transformative force for new and used car sales, as well as the service and repair sectors. It’s designed to cater to the needs of service advisors and consumers alike, creating an environment with transparency and trust.

For service advisors, Fyusion’s AI tool is a game-changer, allowing them to offer an upsell-friendly service experience that is as transparent as it is efficient. Consumers, on the other hand, can experience a new level of dealership interactions, where they’re kept informed and involved at every stage.

New Cars

The excitement of a new car shipment just got even more exciting with the elimination of logistical headaches. Pre-delivery inspections are streamlined, ensuring each vehicle is meticulously checked and ready for a smooth handover to the showroom or customer.

Used Cars

Dealerships can use the precision of AI to generate condition reports that show exact conditions, securing the confidence of both buyers and sellers.

Service & Repair

AI-based mobile inspections revolutionize the car servicing process, making service check-ins a breeze. Whether it’s a service advisor or the consumer, anyone can easily capture a vehicle’s condition using a mobile device.

Dealership Transformation with AI 

In the new age of AI, dealerships empowered with Fyusion’s AI Inspection Tool are not just keeping pace—they are setting the pace, ensuring that every car, customer, and transaction benefits from efficiency and clarity. This is not just the future of automotive retail, it’s a smarter way to do business.

Build Trust

High-resolution images in our transparent condition reports keep customers fully informed, eliminating doubts and fostering trust.

Increase Service Opportunities

Fyusion’s platform not only identifies but also highlights additional service upsell possibilities, tapping into potential revenue streams.

Faster Servicing

The condition of a vehicle is thoroughly documented at drop-off and pick-up, accelerating the entire servicing process.

Better Communication

Dealerships can now send detailed, high-definition images to customers, showcasing necessary work, driving quick approvals and boosting customer confidence in the service provided.

Enhance Productivity

The service center can trim down time-consuming processes and focus on what truly matters—quality service.

More Trade-in Leads

Fyusion’s AI tool doesn’t just stop at servicing, it also helps generate trade-in leads, creating a cycle that brings in more vehicles and drives sales forward.