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Next Inspect

Solution Overview

Next Inspect, powered by Fyusion’s guided vehicle image capture featuring 360-degree multi-angle view imaging offers a complete solution for inspecting the condition of a vehicle anytime, anywhere by anyone. The solution is perfect for consumers, dealers and fleet operators alike, allowing them to gather the information they require to make informed decisions.


  • Generate a Condition Report to easily remarket the vehicle within the Manheim Marketplace, with optional condition grade (certification required).
  • Produce an Excess Wear and Use Report for Lease turn-in.


  • Leverage Fyusion’s AI technology and vehicle panel validation to confirm the reported condition (results are further validated with a remote inspector). 
  • Provide users with a simple questionnaire that guides them through a detailed evaluation of their vehicle.


  • Customize the question set for the inspection to get critical details important to your business.
  • Adjust Excess Wear and Use tables to comply with specific guidelines.
  • Tailor the look of our app to reflect your brand.