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Image Capture Made Simple

Instantly Create Listings

Auto3D makes it easy to shoot, edit and publish high-quality 3D content from virtually any smartphone by walking around the vehicle—and create a suite of 2D images to boot. Let our software do the heavy lifting for you.

Turntable Capture

Turntable mode provides the flexibility to capture cars on your turntable with a simple and straightforward camera mode.

Freestyle Capture

Have a different-sized environment? Freestyle mode allows you the flexibility to capture beautiful images when space is limited.

line drawing diagrams of a drone, a phone, and a DSLR camera

Engage Your Customers

A Robust Viewer

Auto3D displays 3D car captures as if you were there. Fyusion viewers work on all platforms and devices, both web and mobile. Studies show a greater than 10% increase in engagement with Auto3D’s immersive images.

2013 Maserati GranTurismo Convertible

Next-level Features

Tag Highlights or Damage

Add tags directly from your phone. Photo, video, audio or .fyuse tags take the customer deeper into the interaction.

Photo Playlists

Auto3D can automatically create a set of high-resolution 2D photos from a single 3D image of the vehicle. You decide which parts of each car should be imaged, and Auto3D does the rest.

Interior 360s

Capture interior 360s with a Ricoh Theta™ or other devices. Auto3D contains built-in integrations to allow you to see interior 360s and add tags directly on your phone to enhance the viewing experience.

Interior of a 1984 Porsche Carrera Targa

Enterprise Integration

SDK Integration

The Auto3D SDK is straightforward and fast to integrate into your app, and available on both iOS and Android. All Auto3D SDK features are modular, allowing you to customize your workflows and focus on the features that will drive the most impact for your business. Flexible and robust, the Auto3D SDK provides a plug-and-play solution for next-generation automotive imaging.

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