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Fyusion Renders “Point & Shoot” Photography Obsolete; Unveils First “Surround View” Digital Image Technology

New Fyuse App Enables Smartphone Photographers to Take and Share Breakthrough Immersive Surround View Pictures; Partners with Leading-Edge Fashion Brand Pyer Moss to Highlight Capabilities

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, December 17, 2014 (Business Wire) — Fyusion, developer of innovative “surround view” digital technology, today announced the release of Fyuse 2.0 for iOS and Android. Fyuse is a breakthrough in digital photography that promises to fundamentally change the way we capture and share visual experiences.

Rather than capturing time like a movie, or a moment in time like a legacy photograph, surround views via Fyuse are smooth, multi-angle slices of space. The new Fyusion technology leverages advanced sensor fusion and 3D processing algorithms to let people experience, interact, and share any digital images like never before.

“Once you see and experience Fyuse photos, you’ll be addicted,” noted Dr. Radu B. Rusu, CEO and cofounder of Fyusion. “It’s a combination of a traditional photo and panorama, with motion capture, as well as 3D—and it truly renders a lot of the existing technologies obsolete. Instead of a standard point and shoot method, you simply wave your mobile device in space, and let the technology work for you. Your image now feels alive, and you can interact with it. We believe that Fyusion technology will transform photography as dramatically as the addition of color did in the 1800s.”

Highlighting the capabilities of Fyuse 2.0, Fyusion has partnered with leading-edge menswear brand Pyer Moss. The label’s fashion-forward designs require more than a single look, and are perfectly complemented by the new level of immersion Fyuse provides.

“As a young designer who’s grown up with the explosion of technology and social media, my brand’s partnership with Fyusion came naturally. My team and I are always looking for a way to better showcase Pyer Moss’ new designs and connect with our active, tech-centric customers and to engage our fans,” said Pyer Moss founder and designer Kerby Jean Raymond. “The Pyer Moss brand has become known for being forward thinking with our designs and the way we incorporate technology into the DNA of the brand and the Fyuse app really communicates the quality, integrity and unique aesthetic of Pyer Moss in the digital space. It gives the app users a new way to interact and experience our brand in a deeply immersive way.”

Fyusion’s surround view technology is the brainchild of several former members of Willow Garage, a Silicon Valley-based incubator. Prior to co-founding Fyusion, Dr. Rusu led Willow’s research and experimentation in the area of Robotic 3D Perception, and created the Point Cloud Library (PCL) initiative, currently the world’s largest open source effort in 3D point cloud processing. Additionally, he serves as a board director and president of Open Perception, the world’s leading nonprofit organization in 3D perception.

Powered by Fyusion technology, the Fyuse 2.0 app features next generation capabilities:

  • Capture, store and share your own multi-dimensional surround views photos. With a simple hand wave of a smartphone, it only takes seconds. Recording guides and tutorials make capturing quality Fyuses easy and fun;
  • Capture a PanoSelfie, a dynamic, novel blend of 3D selfies and traditional panoramas;
  • Physical 3D post-it-like tags can be attached inside the picture on any object or part of the scene;
  • Smart Filters allow further customization of Fyuse photos for social sharing on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social platforms;
  • In-app messaging for 1 to 1 or 1 to many visual conversations;
  • Customization: images can be trimmed or optionally wrapped around to a full 360 degrees, and viewed seamlessly from all angles;
  • Pinterest-style Galleries allow for organizing content with infinite cloud storage;
  • Localizations in nine different languages.

About Fyusion

Based in San Francisco, Fyusion is on a mission to fundamentally change the definition of photography. The company’s breakthrough technology generates deeply immersive “surround view” images that fuse the capabilities of a traditional photo, a panorama, motion capture, and 3D, to create a more complete, captivating photography experience. Co-founded by a team of leading PhD experts in Computer Vision, Robotics and Machine Learning, Fyusion has released its first commercial app, Fyuse for iOS and Android. The company is funded by the University of Tokyo Edge Capital (UTEC), New Enterprise Associates (NEA) as well as angel investors, including Sun Microsystems cofounder Andreas Bechtolsheim, Lior Susan from Lab IX/Flextronics and James Joaquin, the former chief executive of Ofoto. You can experience the magic of a fyuse at:

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Laurie Thornton, 650-743-6487