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Fyusion Unveils World’s First Mobile Platform for Augmented Reality Content Creation

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 6, 2016 (PRNewswire) — Fyusion, a leading developer of new computer vision and machine learning technologies, today announced the world’s first platform that allows mobile phones to create augmented reality content. 

Fyusion’s platform allows mobile users to record their surroundings, and convert these into interactive 3D holographic images. Rather than requiring expensive or additional hardware, people can capture a light field-based image using a regular smartphone, which can then be viewed using an augmented reality headset within seconds. To see a video of the technology in action, visit

“Augmented reality is a billion-dollar industry that is becoming more mainstream, and our platform sits at the forefront of this technology,” said Dr. Radu B. Rusu, CEO at Fyusion.  “By making it easy for people to capture their surroundings on any mobile device, we are revolutionizing the way that people view the world around them. The applications of our technology for consumers and businesses are incredibly limitless.”

The ability to capture and model holographic images is built on a patented 3D spatio-temporal technology platform that leverages advanced sensor fusion, machine learning, and computer vision algorithms. Fyusion employs a part of its platform in one of its existing products, the Fyuse app, which has recently been natively embedded on many mobile phone devices with big name partners including Huawei and TCL, among others. The platform will be widely used in the e-commerce, fashion, and automotive sectors, with partnerships surpassing half a billion devices.

Fyusion will be working with select partners for early access to its new platform, with additional functionalities to be released shortly.

About Fyusion
Based in San Francisco, Fyusion is on a mission to fundamentally change the definition of photography. The company’s breakthrough technology generates deeply immersive “surround view” images that fuse the capabilities of a traditional photo, a panorama, motion capture and 3D to create a more complete, captivating photography experience. Co-founded by a team of leading PhD experts in computer vision, robotics and machine learning, Fyusion has released its first commercial app, Fyuse, for iOS and Android. Freeze time and explore space with Fyuse at: