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See more dings, see more scratches, see more of what’s really in the picture—more of what the human eye alone cannot.

Capture damage in 3D with a quick walkaround

AI consistently identifies damage and severity

iphone with a screen that shows a 'damage list' for a car with four photos of the car and text next to it listing the location and type of damage

Simple visual reports


AI That Sees Things the Way You Do

A Multi-dimensional Approach

Most AI-driven automotive inspections solutions use traditional 2D photos to assess damages. The results? Inconsistent at best.

Like the human eye, Fyusion Inspect3D uses 3D images to assess damages. As a result, its initial accuracy rates rival that of inspections done by a live professional, enabling our customers to recognize the immediate benefits of lowered personnel costs and more accurate reporting.

2D Capture

closeup photo of car door with parking lot reflected in window

3D Capture

Image Capture Made Simple

One Walkaround, Millions of Data Points

Fyusion’s guided image capture process has been refined over years of working with some of the biggest names in the automotive industry. Take one walk around a vehicle with a smartphone, and our system collects enough data to go to work. Real-time feedback helps the person capturing the visual condition report—even if they’re experiencing Fyusion for the first time—stay on track.

Reports on Demand

People don’t like waiting, so Fyusion Inspect3D pushes as much functionality as possible to customers’ cell phones. Users can see preliminary inspection results right away.

Objective, Consistent Results

Iron Out Inconsistencies

Leveraging an automated inspections solution not only saves time and money, it also introduces a new level of objectivity. Our AI engine, ALIS, doesn’t have bad days and never needs coffee. Gain consistent results, day after day.

A Human Touch Perfects the Process

Fyusion Inspect3D can be augmented with expert auditing of all condition reports. This helps us continually customize and improve the performance of your solution, and ensures the highest possible level of accuracy—humans and machines cross-checking each other’s work.

Condition Reports, Reimagined

Even Better Than Being There

In addition to a 3D walkaround, Inspect3D also provides an interactive, top-down view showing all the damage on the car, enabling the user to zoom in and out for a closer look at every little ding and scratch.

a diagram of a car unfolded or flattened into two dimensions with damage pointed out and numbered

Built for Scalability

illustration of a bar graph

Proven at Scale

Leveraged by the world’s largest auto wholesalers, retailers, and related companies.

illustration of a stack of three tiles

SDK Integration

Integrate into your existing app, and make image processing a seamless part of your workflow.

illustration of circles, some empty, some with a dot, with lines connecting them

AI-driven Estimates

Inspect3D delivers accurate estimates quickly and automatically.

illustration of three empty circles arranged in a triangle around a central filled-in dot, with arrows pointing from the outside dots to the inside dot

Third-party Data

Integrate data from additional sources for refined cost estimates.

illustration of three mobile phones,the first capturing an object, the second analyzing the object, the third showing the analyzed object with information below it

A Full-scale Solution

Inspect3D turns any smartphone into a complete end-to-end solution.

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Fast & Secure

Our solutions are fast, stable, and compliant with SOCII security standards.

Powered by ALIS

Get up and running with the ALIS platform in just a few
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