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Looking Towards the Future of Digital Merchandising, Fyusion Acquires Torch 3D

Torch technology brings immersive augmented reality merchandising experiences to online auto sales and e-commerce.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—December 10, 2020—Fyusion, which enables the creation of beautiful 3D images with deep AI understanding, today announced the acquisition of Torch 3D, a software company whose products make it possible for anyone to add 3D and augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) elements to real-world e-commerce and automotive listings, without coding. With Torch 3D and Fyusion, auto dealers can do everything from adding 3D logos and rich media tags onto listings, allowing shoppers to virtually place a set of golf clubs in the trunk of a car to see how they fit inside.

“We are very pleased to announce the acquisition of Torch 3D, a company whose vision of making it simple for anyone to create beautiful, immersive augmented reality 3D experiences aligns closely with ours,” said Radu B. Rusu, CEO and cofounder of Fyusion. “As car buying increasingly moves online, in the next few years we anticipate a surge of interest in AR/VR and 3D listings. Fyusion will be there to transform the vehicle detail page (VDP) into a vehicle experience page (VEP), helping both large and small auto dealers continue to thrive.”

Studies indicate that 3D images increase user engagement and time spent on VDPs, which has been shown to increase car sales. Visualizing cars via 3D and augmented reality images also creates positive sentiment towards dealers by increasing trust and transparency.

“At Torch, we always believed improved 3D imaging would be fundamental to the future of 3D design and development,” said Torch cofounder and CTO Josh Faust, who will join Fyusion as Principal Architect. “Combining Fyusion’s state of the art 3D capture and ALIS AI engine with Torch’s no-code content creation is a perfect fit. As 3D technology moves into the mainstream, customer expectations of e-commerce experiences will be raised as fast as content creators can keep up. In the auto industry, this means we must evolve with our customers to continue building their passion for cars.”

A demo of Torch’s capabilities can be found at

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