The AI-Based Lightfield Information Suite (ALIS) is the core technology behind Fyusion products, enabling lightweight 3D imaging and deep visual understanding. It consists of three modules: Capture, Engine, and Viewer
Part 1: Record


phone with photo capture screen with car

Fyusion enables the creation of beautiful 3D images from most smartphones. Built-in tutorials and customizable workflows make it easy, while automatic stabilization ensures you don’t have to be a pro to create great images. Fyusion also supports DSLRs, drones and other devices.

Part 2: Process


photo of car with ALIS dots

ALIS understands the visual world and does everything from finding damaged parts of a car to automatically creating high-resolution 2D pictures of specific sections of 3D images. If you can dream it, ALIS can probably do it.

Part 3: Share


phone with store page for car

Fyusion’s patented, lightweight .fyuse file format provides an immersive 3D experience with blazing fast response times, while our AI opens the door to enhanced viewing experiences and the collection of rich information. See more, understand more, and sell more.

Fyusion is the only company to combine stunning 3D visuals with robust artificial intelligence in a highly customizable, scalable, enterprise-ready software solution.

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Fyusion’s patented 3D file format brings your products to life.

1984 Porsche Carrera Targa with Turbo Look

More Efficient

File size at equivalent quality

.jpg 54kb
.png 401kb

Fully Interactive

File type enables complex and multi-faceted interactivity


Multi-platform Support

Compatible with laptops, tablets, and smartphones


From Social Networks to Enterprise Solutions

From our beginnings as a social media app, Fyusion has made high-resolution, AI-driven 3D experiences accessible on common smartphones.

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